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Business van and truck hire designed around you

Hexagon takes a flexible approach to setting you up with best contract deals.

We’re always finding new ways of satisfying our customers’ needs, which means we have a host of contract hire options for you to choose from.

If it’s not there, we’ll try and make it happen!

  • Choose your contract length, terms and structure
  • Extend your contract on a rolling basis
  • Change vehicle during the contract
  • Add maintenance and fleet management to your package

Our very own commercial fleet management system

Hexagon can manage your fleet, saving you time and money on vehicle maintenance.


Fleet management services:

  • Repair
  • MOT
  • Servicing
  • Fault diagnosis
  • UK-wide coverage
  • 24/7 customer care
  • Fleet management software
  • Fleet tracking system

All you need to know about commercial contract hire…

Contract hire is a form of truck and van lease hire that gives businesses the option of hiring a van, truck or trailer for an agreed time period at a fixed monthly price.

Clients hire a truck or van for an agreed duration by paying a monthly fee. Maximum mileage limits usually apply.

The lease hire company owns the vehicle and is accountable for the associated risks.

Truck and van lease hire makes brand new vehicles more affordable – removing the risk of running older, unreliable vehicles.

  • Fixed, low monthly rental payments
  • Low upfront costs
  • No depreciation / financial risk
  • Flexible contract length and mileage limits
  • Freedom to change vehicle on a regular basis
  • Vehicle management and maintenance packages available

Business contract hire allows VAT-registered businesses to claim back 100% of the VAT on truck and van hire.

VAT-registered businesses aren’t obliged to list contract hire vehicles as an asset on their balance sheet.

  • Option 1 – Return the vehicle
  • Option 2 – Keep leasing the vehicle on a rolling contract
  • Option 3 – Switch to a new vehicle (new contract)

What is the difference between contract hire and finance leasing?

Unlike contract hire, finance leasing allows the client to pay the entire cost of the vehicle and keep it at the end of the agreed contract period.

The lease hire company retains ownership of a vehicle until the outstanding finance has been paid in full by the customer.

Ownership of the vehicle can be achieved in the following ways:
  • Fixed monthly payments over the entire contract period or
  • Lower monthly payments plus final (‘balloon’) payment at the end of the contract period

If the outstanding finance isn’t settled by the customer at the end the contract, the vehicle will be returned and sold to a third-party by the finance company.

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