Customer Service

Exceptional customer service

By taking a flexible, hands-on approach to vehicle contract hire and leasing, Hexagon have the ability to adapt to customer needs, whatever industry they operate in.

Using the latest technology, our innovative take on lease management has successfully lowered cost-of-ownership for companies across several business sectors, including:

  • Logistics
  • General haulage
  • Livestock transport
  • Home delivery
  • Automotive

Top quality commercial vehicles

At Hexagon, we are continually investing in our fleet to bring our customers a modern range of trucks and vans designed specifically for the job.

By introducing brand new stock on a regular basis, we’re able to provide everything you’re looking for in a commercial vehicle, such as:

  • Environmental efficiency
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Driver comfort
  • Professional image

Being fully independent of commercial vehicle manufacturers means we can tailor our solutions to meet your exact requirements.