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Keep your options open with ‘Rent 2 Own’ from Hexagon

Buying a new commercial vehicle isn’t always possible and sometimes rental represents the best choice, particularly as the financial risks are relatively small.

However, the decision whether to rent or buy isn’t always an easy one – that’s why we like to offer our customers both options in one package, ‘Rent 2 Own’.



  • Fixed monthly rental agreement
  • Customer owns of vehicle at end of agreed period
  • Flexible deposits and balloon payments available
  • Available on new and used commercial vehicles
  • Maintenance packages available
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Making Commercial Vehicles Affordable

We have built strong relationships with finance providers over the years in order to broaden the range of payment options we can offer customers, and this has led to the introduction of ‘Rent 2 Own’.

‘Rent 2 Own’ is quick to set up and can make owning a new truck or van more affordable in the long-term.

Our specialist rental team can guide you through the whole finance process and recommend the best solution based on your requirements.

‘Rent 2 Own’ is a fixed monthly rental agreement that includes the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreed period.

  1. Deposit and balloon payment amount agreed
  2. Monthly rental payments calculated
  3. Customer pays deposit + fixed monthly sum over the agreed contract duration
  4. At the end of the rental period, the customer can then choose to purchase the vehicle by paying a lump sum (balloon payment)

‘Rent 2 Own’ offers flexibility for clients wanting to avoid the expenditure associated with purchasing fleet vehicles outright.

  • Low upfront cost
  • Deposits and monthly payments built around your budget
  • Opportunity to spread the cost of commercial vehicle ownership
  • Choice of contract length
  • Quick and easy access to brand new trucks and vans
  • Maintenance packages available

Unlike contract hire, ‘Rent 2 Own’ allows the client to pay the entire cost of the vehicle and keep it at the end of the agreed contract period.

The rental company retains ownership of a vehicle until the outstanding finance has been paid in full by the customer.

  • Option 1 – Return the vehicle
  • Option 2 – Keep renting the vehicle on a rolling contract
  • Option 3 – Purchase vehicle by settling outstanding balance (balloon payment)

Yes. We can set up ‘Rent 2 Own’ agreements on a wide range of new and used vans, trucks and trailers. Speak with one of our advisors for more info on what’s available.